Building an environment and businesses within your ecosystem requires four necessary components – Money, Mentors, Management and Market.

Without these ingredients the likelihood of being a leader in the market is greatly diminished. We connect dots every day in these areas. Capturing the individual and collective networks or your ecosystem is critical.



We believe that in order for the economic community to reach it’s fullest potential – it must have a supportive foundation of suppliers, lead producers, competitors and other stakeholders. The 4M Ecosystem is here to accelerate the way companies in the economic community communicate, integrate and achieve. We help build the foundation necessary to support companies by connecting them with relevant investments, mentors, markets and managing teams.



4M has invested two decades working with emerging growth companies. We believe that the ability to capture data in a systematic way and draw on the valuable information and relationships in a timely manner will separate an environment from its competitors.

Let our experience and database help your company reach it’s full potential.