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We get it. Starting a company is hard. Period. Often growing a company is even harder. And It’s not just about the capital. It’s about talent, market fit, sound advice, and the drive to never, ever give up. 4M leverages the power of community to support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey – from idea to financing and beyond.
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New/Existing Mentors, Managers, Funds, and Markets.

At 4M, we believe there are four components that bring success to emerging companies: Money, Markets, Mentors, and Management.

So what do you need to get where you want to go? Yes, you need money. But you need to know about your markets; who are your customers? What do they need now, what will they need later? Whether you are a first-time or seasoned entrepreneur, you’ll need general or industry-specific advice. You’ll need mentors. And you’ll likely need some type of management, people who can steer the ship while you create your strategy. 4M is your bridge to success.

Resources to raise money for new ideas.

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Market-driving companies to connect you to growth resources.

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Mentors to help guide your business.

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Management to bring experience in areas that need improvement.

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Why 4M for Maryland?

Research dollars, technology companies, and STEM graduates have helped rank Maryland #2 in innovation.

Bringing your idea to market is the challenge. But Maryland has many elements to create a tight-knit network to meet those challenges including:


  •   Accelerators and incubators
  •   Seasoned professionals
  •   Access to capital

Maryland’s whole really is greater than the sum of its parts. This state has no lack of synergies. Now its it’s time help our talent put those synergies to work.

4M Empowers Maryland’s emerging economy by connecting key valuation drivers for early and emerging growth companies.


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