Investors on 4M are the first to discover up-and-coming companies in the Maryland region.

Want visibility over the entire startup and early stage landscape, curated by industry, by investment stage? 4M is the platform for you.

Track opportunities. Discuss them with trusted peers. Capture connections. Source talent. 4M lets you structure a fluid and flexible way to support your portfolio companies – and increases your odds of finding more.

Discover companies based on industry

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4M gives investors:

• Connection to a curated pool of emerging growth opportunities sorted by industry

• Ability to comment about company pitches presented in a private forum. This will create knowledge sharing about a business’ strengths, weaknesses, and competitors.

• Creation of connections in more structured way – rather than the process being coincidental/ haphazard.

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4M Empowers Maryland’s emerging economy by connecting key valuation drivers for early and emerging growth companies.


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