Early stage companies expedite the growth process through 4M.

Want access to resources that create a roadmap to your vision? 4M is the platform for you.

4M is built around your needs. Need investors? Mentors? Tools and resources for your business plan? Want to see how your peers are doing? 4M connects you to all these resources and more.

Connect with investment information

Discover helpful growth resources like mentors and educators

Build your pitch to reach your full potential.

Why 4M?

The 4M platform captures the needs of all stakeholders and connects them to opportunities and resources in an holistic and consistent manner. It’s completely secure: select information you’d like to share, share as much as you dare, or change what and with whom you share over time.

Come see why people are using 4M.

4M Empowers Maryland’s emerging economy by connecting key valuation drivers for early and emerging growth companies.


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